Roasted Pistachio in Shells 90 Gram
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Roasted Hazelnut 90 Gram
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Roasted Pistachio in Shells 180 Gram
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Roasted Hazelnut 180 Gram
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High quality, delicious, fresh, no additives-- just the perfect snack. 🙂 11/10
Kona Ona
Amazing pistachos and hazelnuts!! Loved the freshness and quality.
Ricardo Valle Jr.
So delicious and a great snack to keep at the office without the guilt of how the other office snacks have you feel.
Viviana A Villareal
The taste is excellent. Tasty. I eat 2 handfuls a day.
These products have an Amazing taste! They are fresh, healthy and well packeted. Do not miss out the Pistachios and the Roasted Hazelnuts !
Luis Quintero
Amazing products. Turkish pistachios and hazelnuts are the best products in the world . I'm so happy that Globalfood carry these items. I tried both products and they are really delicious.
Nisan Donelson


Pistachios is a nut that can be grown in many parts of the world with the necessary conditions. When its history is examined, it is seen that its homeland is the Middle East. In our country, it is widely grown in the Gaziantep region. Apart from Gaziantep, it is also grown in Siirt, Adiyaman, Sanliurfa, Kahramanmaras, Kilis and Diyarbakir regions. Worldwide, it can be grown in China, America, India, Iraq, Greece, Iran, Mexico and Syria. It may differ in both shape and flavor in different parts of the world. What are Pistachios? Although hazelnut comes to mind first in our country when it comes to nuts, pistachio is very popular. Pistachio is a nut that can be found and consumed much more easily around the world. Only when consuming this product in different countries, some differences may occur. Apart from that, it is a product that can be easily produced all over the world when suitable conditions are provided. This nut with its shell and green color is very tasty. It is a perfect match especially with syrupy desserts. Pistachios unique to Gaziantep are used in baklava, which is unique to Gaziantep. This makes the dessert much more delicious and original. In short, pistachio is a very tasty and healthy nut variety that can be used in desserts, as nuts and even in some dishes. Therefore, it is very important to consume it regularly. Growing Conditions of Pistachio Although it is known as Turkish Pistachio, Pistachio is a tree that can be grown in many parts of the world. Pistachio tree, which is generally easy to grow and easy to grow, is widely grown in Gaziantep, Sanlıurfa and Siirt regions in our country. The most important thing in the growing conditions of pistachio is the soil structure. It should be grown especially in soils expressed as red soil. It is also important to pay attention to watering and caring for the tree. A pistachio tree will begin to yield after 10-15 years after planting.

Pistachio Varieties

Since pistachio is a product grown in many regions, it varies according to the soil characteristics and climate of the region where it is grown, the size of the pistachio, the oil content and even its flavor. In the light of all these, there are 12 different types of pistachios in our country, although it is not well known. When peanut varieties are mentioned, products such as Roasted Pistachios should not come to mind first. Because these are different uses of pistachios rather than nuts. Widely known pistachio varieties Tekin, Akinci, Barak Star, Iran, Siirt, Halabi and ohadi are the most important varieties. Products such as Salted Pistachios are different versions of the classically sold pistachio. In addition, they are very tasty and very enjoyable products to eat. Many people enjoy consuming more pistachios this way. You can easily find and buy salted and roasted pistachios in all seasons.

Why Consume Pistachios?

Pistachio is a nut that must be consumed regularly. First of all, it is very tasty even if it is not useful at all. You can consume this product alone or with desserts. Of course, besides being delicious, it has many benefits. Thanks to these benefits, we can easily say that it is a frequently consumed nut. If you love and consume pistachios, you should definitely know the benefits of this product. We would like to inform you about the benefits of the product.

Benefits of Pistachios

Pistachio is a unique product that we cannot finish counting its benefits. We can say that it is one of the rare products in the world that is both so delicious and has countless benefits. The general characteristics of this delicious and unique nut are as follows:
  • It contains many different vitamins and minerals. Vitamins A, C, and E are not very high, but they have high levels of B vitamins. Thanks to a glass of nuts consumed daily, people get 40% of the vitamin B6 they need daily.
  • Pistachio, which is also very rich in minerals, is especially rich in copper, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.
  • Because it is a unique source of antioxidants, it prevents some diseases that occur with aging.
  • It is effective in lowering the bad cholesterol level and thus protects the heart.
  • It has high fiber content. In this way, it regulates the digestive system and is especially good for indigestion.
  • Vitamin B6 in its content creates positive effects especially on the brain.
  • It is very effective in increasing sexual desire in men. With its aphrodisiac feature, it ensures that their sexual life is regulated.
  • Pistachio is also a nut that is good for anemia and provides benefits during treatment.
  • It is also very beneficial for the nervous system.
  • Thanks to the antioxidants and phosphorus in its content, it protects you against diabetes.
  • It prevents eye diseases caused by aging. Thanks to its high content of zeaxanthin and lutein, it prevents damage to the cells in the eyes.
  • It has strengthening effects on the immune system. In this way, you can be much more resistant and resistant to many diseases.
  • Thanks to the vitamin B6 and antioxidants in it, it provides protection against some types of cancer.

How to Consume Pistachios?

Pistachio is a nut with many different ways of consumption. It is often consumed as nuts. It is even consumed with important nuts such as hazelnuts and it is much more enjoyable. In addition, the best way to consume pistachio nuts is to consume them absolutely roasted. You can easily find roasted salted pistachios in places where you buy nuts. These pistachios are both very tasty and very enjoyable to eat. Another important way of pistachio is to use it in desserts. As it is known, there is a sector in Gaziantep about desserts made entirely on pistachios. The main ingredient of extremely famous and delicious desserts such as baklava, katmer, şöbiyet, and kadayif is almost nuts. Pistachio is not only good for sorbet desserts, but also for milk desserts. Sometimes it can be used for decoration and sometimes directly in desserts. It is also used to decorate desserts because of its gorgeous green color. Especially in the Southeast region, pistachios are also used in some kebabs and dishes. Preferred for a different flavor shift to dishes, pistachio more than fulfills this. Alternative Nuts to Pistachios Roasted hazelnut is a very delicious and enjoyable product for those who are looking for an alternative to pistachio nuts. Hazelnut, another important nut grown in our country, is perhaps much more valuable because it is not widely grown in other countries and is often exported abroad. In our country, hazelnut prices are relatively lower than peanut prices. We can say that there are many reasons for this. However, it is a delicious and enjoyable product to eat. It also finds its place in many desserts and is consumed lovingly. In fact, we can easily say that it is the main ingredient of many desserts. Hazelnut, like pistachios, is a nut that has numerous benefits for health. However, in order to get the benefits it provides, more raw or unsalted products should be preferred. Thus, it can be consumed in a more natural and healthier way. In the same way about pistachios, although roasted pistachios are more delicious and enjoyable, it is much more correct to consume them raw to benefit from their benefits.

Differences Between Pistachios and Turkish Hazelnuts

There is no big difference between hazelnuts and pistachios. Both are two products grown in our country and are very tasty. In addition, we can say that both are extremely important for health and must be consumed regularly. While only hazelnut is consumed in the Black Sea and western parts, pistachio is mostly consumed in the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia region, which is also in pistachio’s own geography. The flavors and uses of the products are also different. This product, which is expressed as Turkish Hazelnut and is unique to the Black Sea region, is very tasty and also very useful. We can say that it can be used easily in many desserts and products. Regardless of whether it is hazelnut or pistachio, the nuts grown in our country are extremely delicious and beneficial. These products should be obtained as much as possible and consumed regularly.

Where to Buy Pistachios?

Products such as pistachios and hazelnuts are sold in herbalists, in places that sell nuts or by companies that wholesale these products. You can find suitable companies according to the amount you will receive and you can procure these products. If you are not going to buy a large amount of products, you can not choose wholesale hazelnut, you can get these products from dried nuts. However, if it is a product that you constantly need and consume a lot, you can choose wholesalers. Thanks to wholesale  , you can buy products in large quantities at once. You can also get it this way at more affordable prices than the retail amount. If you are selling this kind of nut, you can find the best quality and best products through wholesalers and buy them to sell. When you want to sell these products in your own workplace, the best choice will be wholesalers.

How to Buy Pistachio in Wholesale?

Since pistachios are frequently used especially in desserts, businesses prefer to buy this product wholesale. This product is especially preferred in desserts such as baklava and kadayif. For this reason, people who provide services for this need to have high amounts of products at their disposal. Only in this way will they be able to continue to serve without any problems. In addition, when they buy the product wholesale, it will be easier and more cost-effective to procure it. At this point, the most important point that businesses should pay attention to is to find a quality and reliable wholesale peanut shop. Pistachios can also be easily found in places that sell wholesale nuts. In addition to wholesale nuts, there are also wholesalers who sell entirely on pistachios. We can say that it has an extra market because it is an extremely important and valuable nut. When you want to buy pistachios in bulk, you can easily buy as many pistachios as you want thanks to reliable sellers.

Wholesale Pistachio Prices

When you want to buy valuable and expensive nuts such as pistachios at an affordable price, the most important thing to do is to buy wholesale. When you buy wholesale, you will be able to find the product at very reasonable prices. Apart from that, there are different factors that determine the price of pistachios. First of all, the prices of different varieties vary accordingly. For example, the price of the shelled pistachio and the pistachio sold inside are different. The price of pistachios sold inside can be quite high. Shelled pistachios have a low price, but the weight of the shell will be deducted from them. The price of salted and roasted pistachios purchased for purely arbitrary consumption is also different from other peanut varieties. Similarly, when buying wholesale pistachios, the prices will be determined according to the type of pistachio. However, as we mentioned before, buying wholesale will always allow you to buy the product at much more affordable prices. Therefore, when you want to buy a large amount of products, it will be much better to choose wholesale.